Is your problem:
The cost of your quarry construction materials is too high? Do you want to use products that are easy to use and require only half the truck movements?

Then the answer is clear - just choose to be smarter than the others and use Aerolite's Scoria materials.

Available Scoria Products:

  • Note all products are available in natural red or black colours.
  • Aggregates in 7, 10, 14, 20 40mm sizes
  • Aggregates can be washed where low fines content is important such as concrete manufacture
  • Fines products as 5mm minus pipe bedding, 8mm minus bedding, 14 and 20mm NDCR
  • Rubble products up to 300mm
  • A range of specialists other products

Remember that Aerolite's Scoria is often half the weight for the same volume of dense weight material, meanings less transport costs and better, easier handling for you.

Benefits of Aerolite's Scoria Products

Scoria is Lightweight - This means low transport costs and easy handling which means that Aerolite products offer great value in most construction applications. The products are very competitive due to their low density thus the use of scoria will reduce your transportation and handling costs.

Aerolite aggregates and fines products are half the weight of competitive products and hence give twice the yield of equivalent aggregate and fine products with no sacrifice in quality or durability.

Aerolite's scoria has been aerated by nature giving many benefits. These include high moisture retention, high surface area, and low density.

  • Water retention: Aerolite's Scoria naturally absorbs and holds water and can be used to help drought-proof gardens when used as a mulch or as a growing medium to improve soils, hydroponics mixes, and potting mixes.
  • Noise and Thermal Insulation: Due to its aerated structure Aerolite's Scoria is far superior to normal dense sands and aggregates in providing thermal and noise insulation when used in concrete or masonry products.
  • Refractory Properties: Due to its structure and chemical composition it is also an ideal material to improve the fire-resistant properties of concrete or masonry products.
  • Strong and Durable: Contrary to some other scoria products, Aerolite's products do not break down or powder over time.

The use of our scoria products will save you money and help the environment at the same time.