Aerolite's scoria aggregates have been used extensively as the fill material in excavated undergrounds reservoirs under sporting fields or parks.

The highly vesicular nature of our scoria aggregate material combined with its long term chemical stability, reasonable compressive strength and its very high physical stability due to its glass like nature work together to make it an ideal medium to fill underground reservoirs. Our scoria aggregates will hold up to 35% more water than normal solid aggregates.

These types of water storage's have become popular with councils in Australia in areas where drought is a ongoing threat. Such reservoirs are a perfect way to maximize the use of sporting fields or parks as they allow for safe storage of rain and storm water while ensuring maximum use of any water collected due to no evaporation.

Aerolite's washed range of scoria aggregates provide the cleanest scoria products available in Australia and so minimize any fines issues when compared to alternative products. We can even provide double washed material where cleanliness is critical.

Different users have used a range of different aggregates sizes depending on the size of the growing unit from our  3-5 grit, right up to 40mm aggregate.

These products can be supplied in bulk amounts or in one cubic meter bulkabags.