Aerolite's Basalt screenings

Aerolite is now in full production of a range of Basaltic screenings and fines products from our Anakie quarry including:

  • Concrete screenings in 7-10mm, 14mm and 20mm nominal sizes
  • General construction screenings in 7-10mm, 14mm, 20mm, and 40mm sizes.
  • Other basaltic screenings products may be available on request
  • Source basalt rock has excellent properties with a LA % of 20.0 and a CBR % of 70.0

The buttons on the left will lead you to test sheets including gradins and densities for our basalt screenings in the following sizes:

  •  7-10mm
  • 14mm
  •  20mm

Please contact us for any other information you may require.