Masonry Block Wall

Are you someone who is willing to try new ideas, to break the traditional moulds?  Would you use a new product that will reduce cost for your business and still be good for the environment?

Aerolite Lightweight manufactured sand has many uses due to its unique properties:

The material is highly vesicular meaning it has a very large surface area for its' weight which among other things give it great water retention properties. The vesicular nature also gives it excellent properties when used as a filter medium or in uses that require thermal or noise insulation. This large surface area also makes it a great addition to agricultural products.

As with all Aerolite's scoria products our manufactured sand is very economical to use as its' density means you need only half the weight of conventional dense weight sands, which means half the transport costs.

The material is very chemically stable having a glass like structure and as a result significantly improves fire rating when added to concrete or masonry products.

  • As a result it is used extensively in the manufacture of masonry blocks products by companies such as Adelaide Brighton Ltd.
    It is also used:
  • As a specialist blend in soil and potting mixes
  • As a filter medium for water purification due to its highly vesicular nature
  • As a bedding medium
  • As a top dressings for lawns etc

When used a part of a concrete mix with our lightweight aggregate it is possible to produce 50 Mpa concrete which has a dry weight of less than 1,700kgs/M3.

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