Scoria aggregates weigh between 750 to 850 kgs per M3, thus on average you will need to purchase only half the tonnage of scoria when compared to a dense weight aggregate as only half the weight of scoria is required to fill the same size hole.

This means you save money on the product cost and that also you will need only half the truck movements, meaning big savings on transport costs.


These benefits translate into good things for the environment on many levels.


Scoria aggregates come in a variety of colours and products:

We have two basic natural colours of  scoria material on the site - red and black products. The red can change from quite red to a brown while the black goes from a true black to a grey due to variations in the source rock. Thus these colours can vary over time as different parts of the hill are quarried. To overcome this problem for customers who require consistency in colour, Aerolite has developed a true red and a true black product that remains consistent in colour over time. These two products are known as Volcanic Red and Volcanic Black. They are stocked as 14mm aggregates but can be produced in other sizes on request. There are 3 main types of natural scoria aggregates:


  • Drainage aggregates which can be any colour and are generally used as construction materials where colour is unimportant. These are produced in 7, 7-10, 10,14,20 mm nominal sizes. We also produce a 40mm aggregate for use in filter applications
  • Black aggregates whose major use is in the production of light weight concrete. These are produced in 7,10,14 and 20 mm nominal sizes.
    We also produce a BBQ rock product which has a nominal 40mm size. This material has the advantage over other aggregates that it can be heated to high temperatures without dangerous spitting.
  • Washed aggregates These products are ideal to be used where lack of fines is of great concern and so find uses in applications such as fill in underground water storages, as filter materials in water treatment and as a pre-soaked concrete aggregate. These are produced as a 3-5mm grit, 7,14 and 20 mm aggregate.

Grading and density sheets for various scoria aggregates are shown below:

3-5mm washed grit

7 mm aggregate

10 mm aggregate

14 mm aggregate

20 mm aggregate