Soil and potting mixes

Palagonite - wonder rock fertiliser

The volcano that formed Aerolite's Scoria Quarry was created three million years ago by hot magma erupting through ground water. One of the results of this eruption was the chemical modification of the magma to form the wonder growing material called Palagonite. This material is lighter than normal scoria and has a distinctive gold colour. Palagonite has been used for millennia in Europe and elsewhere as a "rock" fertiliser.

Palagonite helps remineralises soils that are lacking in trace elements and improves water retention. All of Aerolite soil products contain some Palagonite but we can also supply bulk amounts of pure Palagonite material for general farm use.

Soil, potting mix and pure Palagonite are available in bulk quantities or one cubic meter bulka bags.

Aerolite produces both soil and potting mixes.

Aerolite soil mixes utilise the best aspects of scoria fines including light weight, high surface area to promote healthy microbial development, excellent water retention and surface chemical properties and combine this features with composted organic material to produce an ideal growing medium. Our soils contain a high level of residual organics measuring greater than 25%.

Our Potting mixes while based on the similar mixes to our soils also include the blending of larger aggregates and composted material to give a less dense structure that gives excellent drainage capability and easy root development which is ideal for potted plants.

Aerolite's washed light weight sand is an ideal top dressing material for areas where soils are heavy and drainage needs improvement.

Palagonite before quarrying