Naru House melbourne

Nauru House was built in 1977 using Aerolite light weight concrete aggregate to maximise the utility of the building by reducing column sizes. Over 40 years later it is still going strong as a testament to the durability of our aggregate.

Are you brave enough to use a light weight concrete that makes construction easier and improves the quality of the built product?

Lightweight concrete:

Aerolite's lightweight concrete aggregates has been used successfully for over 50 years to make lightweight concrete. Using our aggregates and sands it is possible to produce a 50 Mpa concrete with a dry weight of around 1650 kgs per cubic metre. Use of lightweight aggregates alone allows for production of 50 Mpa concrete with a dry weight of around 1850 kgs per cubic metre.

Aerolite's concrete aggregates comes in two types, the traditional "black" scoria or in cleaned and pre-soaked  natural coloured aggregate which can make the pre-wetting of the material much easier.

Use of Aerolite's concrete aggregate have many advantages:

  • They increase the fire ratings properties of the concrete and they also improve noise attenuation.
  • High rise buildings can be built with more elegant designs due to lower building mass.
  • Tilt panels can be made bigger or lifted higher with smaller cranes.

There is no disadvantages with using our material as light weight concrete made with our products can be pumped easily and requires little change in handling methods.

Aerolite can now also  provide a range of dense weight basalt aggregates for use in concrete production.

Included below are some technical details. Contact our concrete technical expert Hayden Edgar on +61 419 874 982 or on for any further help you may require.

Help yourself and help the environment.