Hydroponic garden

Aerolite's scoria aggregates and our specialty hydroponic mixes have been used extensively for both small scale personal use and in large hydroponic farms.

The highly vesicular nature of our material, its long term chemical and physical stability due to its glass like nature, and its unique surface chemistry all work together to make it an ideal growing medium.

Aerolite's washed sand and our washed range of aggregates provide the cleanest scoria products available in Australia - reducing fines issues with pumps and other equipment when compared to alternative products.

Different users have used a range of different aggregates sizes depending on the size of the growing unit, from our 1-3mm sand, 3-5 grit, right up to 40mm aggregate.

We also provided a widely used 8 mm minus hydroponic mix.

These products can be supplied in bulk amounts or in one cubic meter bulkabags.