Is your problem how to find the best fines products for a particular use. Are you looking for a product that is easy to use, is great value and is one that will save your time and money on site?

Then Aerolite's scoria fines are your answer.

As with all Aerolite Scoria, low density means great product value and much lower transport costs. It takes half the amount of our fines products by weight to do the job of dense weight alternatives. Lower transport costs and savings to both you and the environment.

Scoria Fines products come in a range of different products:
Red or drainage products:
5 mm minus bedding : Ideal for any bedding of pipes or cables

8 mm minus topping : Can be a decorative topping material

14mm NDCR bedding Ideal for general construction use

20mm NDCR bedding
Black material 
8mm minus black topping : used for decorative purposes or for use as a potting mix or soil  additive.

We also produce a manufactured scoria sand product that has the same grading as a good concrete sand and which again is light, gives high yield and is very cost effective. Besides its primary use as a masonry or concrete additive, it is often used for projects like horse training areas or for potting mixes due to its high moisture retention. Details can be found on the light weight sand page.

Shown below are grading and density sheets for Aerolite's various fines products: