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Aerolite Soil Products will toughen up your garden so that it can thrive with less water

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The two shrubs are identical other than the shrub on the left has had treatment using our soil and mulch product


Soil Conditioners Light weight scoria fines which help lightened heavy soils, increase retained moisture significantly and add trace element s to the soil

bulletHydroponics mixes Perfect growing medium for any hydroponics system.
bulletTurf mixes Perfect striking mixes for new seed lawns or for putting under new turf lawns. Improve water retention and drainage for the best lawns possible
bulletTop Dressing mixes Top dressing mixes to help aerate soils and help with moisture retention
Note the following benefits with our unique products:
bulletAerolite scoria based soil mixes act like an insulator and helps protects the soil from the direct drying effect of the sun and wind and in cooler areas, will also protects roots from freezing frosts while providing improved drought protection and acting as a natural fertilizer for the soil
INSULATES garden soil from the worst of heat and cold
bulletBecause the material is made from a durable light weight rock it does not blow away and so saves considerable costs over other products that need annual replenishment
DOES NOT Blow away or Decompose

The base minerals from which the material is formed will add vital trace elements to the soils as the rock
is slowly broken down by bacteria over many years providing natural fertilizer to the soil

CONDITIONS AND IMPROVES garden soil by adding trace elements
bulletThe material is light (about half the weight of normal soil) and is easy to spread and apply by anyone.
The product is supplied in a range of bag sizes
 LIGHT and easy to apply
bulletAerolite soil mixes work particularly well in pots where it both helps pots drain well, keeps light potting mixes from blowing away and helps insulate the top of the pot and so prevent water loss
GREAT FOR POTS insulates and protects
bulletBecause the material is a natural rock it contains no artificial chemicals or plant oils and residual components that can poison soil, our product is a natural fertilizer
PURE AND NATURAL no artificial chemicals

Aerolite's scoria products have also been used for a range of other specialists areas:


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