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Examples of colors and scoria materials

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Note: Scoria is a mineral that is quarried only in extinct volcanoes in the southern Victorian area. It is composed of a complex range of different compounds and minerals with a structure that is highly vesicular. It this looks like a rock sponge. The lightest and best of this material is mined in the Anakie area to the south west of Melbourne at two quarries owned by the Aerolite group.

Coloured Scoria
Scoria Products:

We have a range of both natural and Coloured scoria fines and aggregates.

Construction products are sold in 3 colours:
-as shown by our Red toppings
Black- As shown by our Block mix
materials - this can be any color shown on the page.

Coloured decorative scoria mulches can be produced in almost any color but the most popular colours are shown here

Coloured Scorias

Aerolite Decorative Mulches
Red toppings

Used in a range of applications as pipe bedding, packing sand, road base

Pipe Bedding

Approved by the Melbourne Water  for use with all pipe laying applications

Block mix

Used by the majority of masonry block manufactures to give a light weight block with excellent strength, appearance and with exception fire rating properties

Black concrete aggregate

The only local source of light weight concrete aggregate suitable for use in construction applications. It produces a concrete of moderate  strength that has great benefits in the tilt slab and high rise marketing. Used by all the major concrete producers in Australia

Drainage aggregate
Red natural decorative aggregate

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