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Mineral Mulches will toughen up your garden so that it can thrive with less water by providing both insulation and water retention to your garden

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You Yang Mulch comes in a variety of sizes and colors as outlined below:
(This refers to the average size of each particle)
Packaging sizes :
bullet10 and 20 litre packs
bullet1000 litre jumbo packs

NB: 1000 liters of product
covers 10sq meters of garden at 100mm depth or 20sq meters at 50mm depth
Prices are as follows for all products
bulletBulk Bag prices here
bulletAll Prices include GST
bulletDelivery can be arranged on request, contact us for a price
bulletDelivery can be organized within 3 days to nay  Metropolitan address in Melbourne . Times for other areas can be found through contact us below.
bulletColors: (Click on the photo to see our color chart to see the various colors available)

We suggest that our mulch beds should be a minimum of 50mm deep. For best results deeper beds can be used with a corresponding increase in water retention.
For maximum water retention watering should occur from the top of the bed and water allowed to  trickle down through the bed to allow maximum water uptake by the scoria. Normal in its natural form will absorb approx 30% of its own volume in water and is very efficient at holding that water for long periods. However it most useful function is to provide a very effective insulation layer to the soil (Scoria in industry is used as a insulation material in ovens) while still allowing good air flow to keep the soil aerated and healthy.
Suggested method of using Muscle Mulches as a mulch:
Grass edging Concrete Edging

When being used up to a grass edging, the most common method is to use a timber or masonry pavers or edging to give an easy trimming point for the lawn.
Where the mulch is being used up to a fixed edge, You Yang Rock mulch will remain stable if the packing angle of the material is no more than 60 deg as shown.

Where Aerolite You Yang Mulch mulch is to be used in pots it is recommended that at least a 100mm of cover be used over the top of the potting mix be used

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Completely pure & natural.

No chemical additives.

No fungicides or insecticides needed.